Project - Technical Specifications

Specificatii Tehnice

THE LAND: POT max = 50% CUT = 1.5 The height of the buildings is not restricted by the PUG or PUZ, but it might be limited after realizing the PUD of the area at H max = P+4.(Height ˜ 17m), for warehouses.

INFRASTRUCTURE: The infrastructure of the plot is designed with a width sufficient enough to ensure a safe and fluent traffic of all vehicles. The roads are built to support a very high traffic of trucks and small vehicles, the loads calculated of the trucks up to 11 tons per axle. The land has direct access to the motorway trough the speeding up and speeding down lanes, as well as an actual bridge across the motorway at km 23, that ensures access on both directions of driving.

UTILITIES: Bucharest Industrial Park ensures all the necessary utilities for industrial, logistic and warehouses activities. Within the industrial park, there are connection points for electricity, natural gas, sewage and drainage supply, as well as the telecommunication networks.